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Who am I?

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David Wright,
known by some as as Daibhidh Ealaghoil.

Where do I live?

Elgol: I live in one of the houses on this picture. (7KB)

Elgol, Isle of Skye, Scotland

What do I do?

I am a freelance software and Internet developer and consultant. For more details follow the links below.

Skyewright: Add-ons for Sage 50 accounts

Are you the David Wright who...?

There are a lot of David Wright's about!

A few clues: Lincs CGS Leeds DHFS Sheffield BPSL Hope Valley

How can I be contacted?

The Enquiry page gives full contact details.

Why Daibhidh Ealaghoil?

This is the name I am known by amongst some of my Gaelic speaking friends.
"Ealaghoil" is Scottish Gaelic for "of Elgol".

Other Interests

I finally discovered that despite what I was told at school I'm not 'tone deaf'. As a result I now make basic but increasingly intentional musical noises using keyboard, guitar, bass, Chapman Stick & harmonica. I even sing a bit! Improvisation is a thing I particularly enjoy. I've started a music section.

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